Research Annotation

McCook, Stuart. The World Was My Garden. 1935.

The World Was My Garden explores how the U.S. began to research tropical plants after obtaining large amounts of foreign land. It also dives into how this research was then used to greatly expand the U.S.’ agricultural knowledge and systems. Which due to its growth requires the creation of more jobs, providing many people with work. This article is a demonstration of how the U.S. used its newly acquired through imperialism to further expand not only its mass but also its intelligence. Finding new ways to grow and fix problems with its agricultural system while also remembering sweet capitalism.


Navarro-Rivera, Pablo. The Imperial Enterprise and Educational Policies in Colonial Puerto Rico.

The Imperial Enterprise and Educational Policies in Colonial Puerto Rico¬†dives into the darker side of the U.S.’ attempt to force cultural assimilation upon children. In this article you see how Puerto Rican children in schools in both America and Puerto Rico are re-branded to be the “ideal” child. This white-washing provided these kids with new “Christian” names, haircuts, and even clothing . This exploration of the U.S.’ attempt to destroy another persons culture and heritage in order to “idealize” and conquer them is another example of its imperialistic nature.