Blog Posts

Guidelines for the research and writing blogs: Blog prompts are included in the “homework” heading of the course schedule.  For each blog prompt, compose a thoughtful (about three paragraphs) entry in your research and writing blog.  Some posts will have specific requirements listed.  However, in general your blog post should respond to the day’s prompt (one or two paragraphs) and raise another point that interests you (another paragraph). The style of these blog posts may be less formal than the style you would use in an academic paper, but you must keep your remarks focused and persuasive.  This means quoting or paraphrasing the text (no long quotes) and citing your source using in-text annotation. You should take advantage of the digital format by incorporating outside images, links, or video clips that relate to your argument.  For more tips on writing a good blog post, see here.

I will evaluate your blog posts frequently throughout the course of the semester.  Your grade will reflect the quality as well as the frequency and timeliness of your postings on your own blog and the comments you leave for others.  Late posts, or those made after the class session, are less relevant for shaping our discussions, and will receive no credit.