Required Books:

  • Hoganson, Kristin.  American Empire at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: A Brief History with Documents.  New York: Bedford / St. Martin’s, 2017.  9780312677053
  • Rampolla, Mary Lynn.  A Pocket Guide to Writing in History. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2012.  9780312610418
  • Valerio-Jiménez, Omar, et al, eds.  The Latino/a Midwest: A Reader.  University of Illinois Press, 2017.  9780252082771

Accessing Course Materials:

There are several ways to access the required texts for this course:

  1. The required books are available for purchase at the College of Wooster bookstore or online.
  2. A copy of each required book is available on 2-hour/overnight reserve at the Andrews Library.
  3. Some course materials, including podcasts, audio slideshows, and digitized primary sources will be viewed by clicking the highlighted link in the syllabus.  Read this guide for an explanation of how to connect to JStor and other restricted databases off campus.
  4. Articles and short book excerpts marked “arp” or “additional readings page” are available on a password-protected page in this website.  Please print them out and bring them to class.  Please remember to print double sided wherever possible.

Additional Readings

You will do additional reading for your History with Documents Project.

The complete schedule of class topics and readings is posted here.

Key to syllabus reading abbreviations:
Author(s) Title Syllabus Abbreviation
Hoganson American Empire at the Turn of the 20th Century American Empire
Rampolla A Pocket Guide to Writing in History Rampolla
Valerio-Jiménez The Latino/a Midwest: A Reader Latino/a Midwest