Research Proposal

Your Research Proposal Consists of the following five parts:

  1. a 200-300 word abstract that explains your research question, central historical argument, use of sources, and larger implications
  2. A list of the secondary sources you’ve identified for your annotated bibliography, along with a few words explaining how they fit the required categories.
  3. A preliminary list of primary sources you might include.  For your final project you’ll use at least ten, but this can be fairly broad at this  point (beyond the two you’ll need for the annotated bibliography).  Give us an idea of what types of primary sources you’re hoping to incorporate in your reader, even if you haven’t identified them all yet.
  4. A few ideas for the url (web address) of your Voices site:  www.YOUR
  5. In a few sentences, what is the relationship between your History with Documents research, and the work you’re planning for Wikipedia?

Upload as a pdf file to Moodle before class on Wednesday, February 26.