Week 3 blog post

The articles by Rodo and Bolivar clearly reveal Latin America—United States relationship in the periods that they are written. It is no surprise that there are similar tropes used. Both authors show their concerns over the dominant power of the United States. In Rodo’s article, he describes the United States as a powerful country that is trying to conquest Latin America (Rodo, 1900, p.32). Bolivar agrees when he expresses his worries of the U.S. targetting Colombia and “plague America with miseries” (Bolivar, 1829, p.173).

Despite the similarities found in their stances toward an invasion of Latin America from the United States, Bolivar and Rodo hold different opinions on the way to resist U.S. dominance. While acknowledging the efficiency in American utilitarianism, Rodo believes that it is crucial for Latin Americans to respect and protect their unique culture and heritage from “Americanization” (Rodo, 1900, p.33). On the contrary, Bolivar argues that it is easier to protect Latin America, or at least Colombia, when other stronger countries like England and France are supporting its political decision (Bolivar, 1829, p.173).