Through both primary sources we can see that the relationship between Latin America and the US has not been the best. There is a general understanding through Latin American countries that the United States is simply richer and has more power than they do. The United States has been seen as a bully and an abuser of its power. We can see that with Bolivar’s letter where he states “Can you imagine the opposition that would come from the new American states, and the United States, which seems destined by providence to plague America with misseries in the name of Freedom.” (Pg. 173) We can see that Bolivar knows that America will abuse of its power and use freedom as an excuse to do so. The United States is also seen as an extremely materialistic nation that only cares about its money and power. Rodo wites about this when he calls the United States “The embodiment of Utilitarianism” He believes that in order for the United States to become even richer, they are willing to sacrifice many happiness and the happiness of the rest of the Americas for their own selfish desires.