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Burton, Julianne. “Culture and Imperialism” Sage Publications. (1978): 2-10.

Culture and Imperialism explains the repercussions that capitalism and technology have produced, in terms of the effects they have had on culture. The author claims that capitalism divides and transforms culture, whereas technology is intertwined with culture, as it is an avenue for cultural exchange. This article was published in a magazine, Latin American perspectives, yet it fails to present much of a Latin American perspective at all. There are a few sentences here and there that demonstrate this perspective, but overall the article appears to be more an overview on the inner-workings of capitalism, technology, and culture. This article, while useful on showing the relationship of capitalism, media, and culture, isn’t extremely helpful in showing a Latin American perspective, it practically fails to incorporate Latin America at all.

Potthast-Jutkeit, Barbara. The history of family and colonialism: Examples from Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. History of the Family, 1081602X, 1997, Vol. 2, Issue 2

Barbara Potthast-Jutkeit’s article examines the effects that colonialism has had on traditional cultural values in Latin America and Africa, with a particular emphasis on family forms. The article goes into detail concerning the replacement of traditional culture with the typical values and norms of Christians and Europeans. One such example given is the replacement of matrilineality and polygamy by monogamy and patrilineality. This article is useful because it provides specific examples of the effects of colonialism upon traditional culture in Latin America and Africa, instead of merely providing an overview. This article also appears to provide evidence and conclusions similar to other articles concerning the same subject matter, there is a pattern when it comes to cultural imperialism and colonialism: white, Christian men colonize a society whose ideals and cultures are different. This leads to a loss of traditional culture due to an enforcement of European values. This article provided me with specific evidence of negative effects concerning imperialism upon culture.

5 thoughts on “Research Annotations

  1. Katie F.

    These are both well-written and provide some slight analysis of the authors’ writing, which is interesting. I’d like to see how you use the first one for your research, since it does not incorporate Latin America into its criticism of capitalism.

  2. Cat

    I’m curious as to why you’ve included your first source when it is, by your own admission, it won’t be able to help you analyze the relationship between the United States and Latin America.

  3. Katie Holt

    I had to giggle at your spot-on critique of the title of Latin American Perspectives (especially when talking about an article that while about Latin America, doesn’t in your evaluation really consider a Latin American perspective in the way we might expect today). I do think that Cat raises a good point: maybe a different article would be more productive in grounding your research?


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