Wikipedia Part 2

This time around, I decided to read a wikipedia article entitled The Culture of Nicaragua. I have been interested in Nicaragua ever since I traveled there my junior year for about two weeks. I would like to learn more about Nicaraguan culture for both my own interest and because it may be a good topic for my final research paper. The article is useful to provide a brief overview of Nicaraguan culture, so there is no particular bias as it is factual and used for a better understanding of their culture. The article mainly covers regional culture, languages in Nicaragua, the population of Nicaragua, religion, music, and education. The article’s sources include a variety of ethnologies, census data, and several facts from UNESCO. Overall, I think the article is good, as it increased my base knowledge, yet I think it is lacking detail. I think that the article could and should be much longer, a culture cannot be summed up in a few brief paragraphs.

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