I picked the page “Argentina-United States relations” on Wikipedia. This page describes the relationship between the United States and Argentina over time. This is related to our course theme of Latin American history and Latin American-U.S. relations. The lack of enough information and outdated statistics make this page look biased toward the U.S. While this page provides information on a variety of aspects like trade and embassy functions, it does not include too much information related to the U.S.-Argentina relations before Argentina’s independence. Also, it is clear that many statistics listed in the trade and public opinion sections have not been updated since 2011 and 2012. Beyond that, the lemon dispute as one of the most important bilateral issues between the U.S. and Argentina is not fully summarized on the page and is outdated since 2012. Even the page specifically for the lemon dispute is outdated as well. 

The information is pretty U.S.-centric as it excludes most of the Spanish-written sources. I might suggest the editors add in more Spanish historical sources before the independence of Argentina to give the readers a better sense of the historical relationship between the U.S. and Argentina. Also, it would be great if the page can be updated with more recent issues and the resolution to past issues such as the lemon dispute. It is misleading that only the photos are updated but not the text. Making these changes would make the page more reliable and comprehensive.

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  1. Katie Holt

    Good critique, Tina! For the Wikipedia assignment where you’re improving an article, do you want to write about this one, or will you pick one related to your research on Cuba? Either is fine: just let me know!


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