Research Topic

For my research topic, I would like to explore something related to the Puerto Rican independence movement post-1945. Something interesting within that broader topic might be the contemporary independence movement in the wake of PROMESA and Hurricane Maria, or at least since 2000. Another interesting thing would be looking at the repression of the independence movement as a part of COINTELPRO. The nationalist revolts of 1950 also interest me. I think these are all interesting and important topics because the relationship between the US and Puerto Rico is a unique one which impacts the other relationships the US has with Latin America. Current US-Puerto Rican relations are massively impacted by this history, and the Puerto Rican community within the mainland US has been impacted by these events. If we want to understand the complex relationship between the US and Puerto Rico we must understand those who have rejected this relationship and have fought for an independent path for the island. This is an ongoing relationship that will continue to be shaped by this history

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