I would like to investigate the political relationship between Cuba and the United States. This topic is useful for understanding Latin American history because it is a significant example of U.S. intervention in Latin America. Just like other Latin American countries like Venezuela and Mexico, U.S.-Cuban relations have been intertwined for a long time. From the U.S. “helping” Cuba to gain its independence from Spain to the U.S.economic embargo against Cuba, these were all important moments that have affected how other Latin American countries view U.S. interventionism. While the U.S. has intervened in most Latin American countries’ politics historically, Cuba has remained its resistance against U.S. intervention and democracy. Being the only communist country in Latin America has further made Cuba a powerful ideological symbol for many Latin Americans. Cuba’s distinct revolutionary leaders like Castro and Guevara have also contributed to a big part of Latinx history, and have inspired many activists in Latin America as well as the world. Thus, understanding the U.S.-Cuban political relationship would allow us to gain an insight into the historical development of U.S.-Latin American relations.

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