The Wikipedia Article takes a pretty neutral stand, besides the fact that through the article there is a huge amount of criticism of Mexico and their involvement in the drug trade with the United States (which is a fair judgement) Nonetheless, there is not sufficient information on how the high demand of drugs in the United States is what fuels the drug trade in the first place. From the introductory paragraph, we can see that there is some diction and structure components to the article that might influence the reader towards a certain viewpoint. For example, the introductory paragraph ends with “The Mexican government has asserted that their primary focus is on dismantling the powerful drug cartels, rather than on preventing drug trafficking and demand, which is left to U.S. functionaries. ” It is common knowledge that most of the demand for drugs comes from the United States. Therefore, is the United States’ responsibility to fight the drug problem that have to diminish demand.
The Article is backed up with reliable sources. Some sources are from government agencies and others are from credible sources like news channels. All of the topics the articles covered were very interesting and relevant to the topic. Most of them also contained sufficient relatable information. Not everything in the article is neutral. Like I mentioned earlier with the example in the first paragraph, there is information and structural components that give some biases information towards a certain point of view.
The article did not really overrepresent any viewpoint, but it definitely underrepresented others. For example, there was only about three sentences throughout the article that talked about the part the United States’ demand for drugs plays in the drug war. There is also not enough information on the effect that the drug war has had in Mexico and the reasons why being in a drug cartel can be a tempting opportunity to a person living in poverty. After checking a few citations, the liks do work and they lead to reliable articles and journals. There was not any paraphrasing plagiarism that I could find throughout the article. All the facts that I checked seemed to have reliable and accurate sources.