MLK Day of Service

For Monday’s MK day of service, I participated sat in on a justice dialogue happening in Wishart hall, featuring members of the school board, police chief, and community members.

The focus of the discussion of o racial inequalities in and on all school grade levels. This varied from bullying in hate speech and discriminations to discussing the socio-economic disadvantages students face going to school and getting access to the necessary resources for a proper education.

Much of this also focused on how we have made groud, but there is also much further to go in what we must do, and how we must create a better world for our youth because they really are our future. We can influence this even by leading ourselves as rolemodels. The board member went on to talk about how their integration of diversity does not just create a better learning environment but also fosters the growth of role models in the classroom and learning environment. Students being able to relate to their teacher and tutors. On a life level as well as an experience level.